LED lights are more expensive to purchase than Halogen lighting. The savings is in the electrical bill for your trade show and lower maintenance costs due to the durability and longevity of LED lamps.

For halogen lights you often have 200 watt or more lights that require about 2 amps per light. At a trade show you pay between $60 to $100 for a 500 watt electrical outlet. If you have two 200 watt halogen lights you will be taking up 400 of your 500 watts just to power the two halogen lights. With only another item or larger lights you will have gone over the 500 watt limit for that outlet, and have to pay more to get a 1000 watt or 10 amp outlet. However if you buy LED lights, each LED light may require only 25 watts or less per light, a fraction of the power needed for the halogen. Over a period of time you can save literally thousands of dollars. LED is a light where the savings keeps giving back to you show after show.

Besides the energy savings, LED lamps are extremely durable, because they are solid state (no filament to break). The life of LED can also last up to 20 times longer than a standard halogen lamp. By having a long life and being extremely durable they pay for them selves just in replacement lamp cost.

LED lights operate at a much truer color temperature. Most of our LED bulbs are available in a Neutral White (4300K) color rendering which helps bring out the details of your graphics and their true colors.

LED also produces far less heat than Halogen, making them safer than Halogen in terms of fire safety and avoiding burns to the public and your booth staff.

We continue to develop new dedicated LED lighting that utilizes the highest quality components and construction.

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