Banner Hanging Frame

Use a ceiling banner or hanging sign for your next tradeshow or convention event!

Ceiling banners display your custom artwork to further increase your exposure at an expo. This hanging sign, tradeshow graphic is available in several different designs and frame shapes. These shapes offer a unique looking ceiling banner that when combined with custom graphics will turn heads in any type of setting!

Hanging signs are normally found in tradeshows, exhibition halls, and conventions by companies wishing to advertise as effectively as possible. Use this ceiling banner to advertise products and services or to further reinforce brand awareness for your company.

The commanding size of these hanging signs will easily draw more foot traffic into a booth at an exhibition or tradeshow. Attendees will easily see this exhibition ceiling banner from any point on the convention floor, giving your company a leg-up over the other exhibitors. These hanging banner signs offer high visual impact that draw instant attention to your company's booth or exhibit. They act as a constant reminder of your location within the arena, as well as what your business has to offer.

Use this ceiling banner to promote a new product or an upcoming sale. These hanging banner signs can have a different image printed on each side. The ceiling banner that is circular is one continuous image.

When designing your graphics be creative and design a graphic that will make a lasting impression on the viewer.

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